Chateau de Villandry

Terraced gardens of the Chateau de Villandry…🏰 At the very beginning of my career as a #guide, I received a request for a tour in the castle of Villandry. A charming couple in their seventies from Israel were dreaming of visiting its kitchen #garden and flower garden. My wife asked me: “Do they really want to come to France just to look at #vegetables???” 🙄 It is funny that when you hear “kitchen garden”, you cannot believe that’s what you’re seeing on these pictures. But it is precisely these gardens that are so symmetrically, neatly trimmed and beautifully located on the territory of the castle of #Vilandry, and this #chateau is famous primarily for that reason.
Demand creates supply, and I decided to include this castle in my tour. The next day, the whole family went to study this chateau in order to prepare properly for the tour. In my #tours, it takes us 90 minutes to visit the castle and its lovely surroundings.
In one post it will be difficult to describe all the charm of this #place, so I will continue the theme of #gardens.
In 1906, Joachim Carvalho (born in Spain) acquired the castle of Villandry which was intended for demolition😳….

Can you imagine a garden like this at your home? Would you like to implement some ideas at your garden?

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